Pearlvibe Intruder 1.0 – Fully Automatic Men’s Masturbator Inverted Aircraft Cup


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Pearlvibe Intruder Automatic Male Masturbator 1.0

The Pearlvibe Intruder 1.0 Automatic Male Masturbator is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fully automatic men’s masturbator inverted aircraft cup that delivers an intense and realistic sexual experience. With its advanced suction and vibration technology, realistic 3D vagina, body-safe and reusable materials, and easy-to-clean design, it’s no wonder that it has become our best-selling product. Try it for yourself and experience the ultimate sexual pleasure!. Here are some of the key features of this amazing product.

Advanced Suction and Vibration Technology:
Equipped with four levels of suction function and ten vibration modes, the Intruder 1.0 is designed to stimulate your internal organs and deliver an orgasmic experience. The cuff of the cup fits snugly to your body, and the suction and clamp functions provide intense stimulation that will have you climaxing in no time.

Realistic 3D Vagina:
The Intruder 1.0 is built with a realistic 3D vagina that is designed to closely resemble the sensation of actual oral sex. The 3D channel is full of textures and particles that mimic the inner walls of a real vagina, providing an incredibly realistic and pleasurable experience.

Body-safe and Reusable:
The Pearlvibe Intruder 1.0 is made of TPE material that is environmentally friendly and safe for the body. The cuff is soft, comfortable to the touch, and reusable. The elegant black and bright orange color scheme adds to the product’s overall craftsmanship and appeal.

Removable and Easy to Clean:
The Intruder 1.0 is equipped with a removable inner shell that can be easily cleaned under running water. This makes it easy to keep the product hygienic and ready for use at all times.

USB Rechargeable:
The Pearlvibe Intruder 1.0 comes with a USB charging cable that makes it easy to recharge the product. This ensures that the product is always ready for use when you need it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Mike Howard
A great addition to the bedroom

The Intruder 1.0 has taken my solo play to a whole new level of pleasure. The thrusting and suction provides intense stimulation that leaves me completely satisfied. I've tried a lot of toys, but this is by far my favorite!

Sarah Miller
My new go-to

After experiencing the Intruder 1.0, it is now my go-to toy for solo play. The sensations blow everything else I've tried out of the water. My orgasms are so intense! I never want to use anything else again.

Dave Wilson
Very intense stimulation

If you are looking for extremely powerful stimulation, this is the toy for you. Even the lowest settings provide intense vibrations and suction. Not for those wanting a gentle experience!

Jake R
Holds up over time

It’s been a few weeks of frequent use and my Pearlvibe Intruder still performs like new. Suction is still strong and the canal texture hasn’t degraded. As long as you clean it after use, it should hold up well.

Tom G
Intense suction

Of all the automatic male masturbators I've tried, this one provides the strongest suction by far. The four levels allow you to experience anything from gentle to intense. Added vibration takes it over the top. Easy to clean too.

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