Stella Masturbation Cup 10 Licking & Vibration


  • 10 differernt vibrating frequencies
  • 3 different sucking modes
  • 10 different licking modes
  • Safe soft silicone insulation; feels like a real woman
  • Gets up to 360 degrees warm
  • Headphones; comes with stimulating sounds

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Stella Masturbation Cup 10 Licking & Vibration

Stella Masturbation Cup

The Stella Masturbation Cup represents the best and latest in Sex Simulation Technology. It incorporates 10 Licking Modes and 10 Vibration Modes along with the softest and most life-like silicone material for its inner lining to give you the most realistic Vaginal and Tongue Stroking functions on the market!

This blowjob toy can stroke the realistic female genitals and tongue. The Stella Masturbation Cup perfectly combines sensational pleasure with the texture of the female organ. Its silky smooth silicone sleeve surrounds your cock 360 degrees, giving you a realistic female experience! To clean the simulator, simply pull out the silicone sleeve and wash it with lukewarm water and mild soap/cleaner.

The Lickster Masturbation Cup Full Vaginal Display


MaterialMedical TPE Silicone
Size16.5 x 11.5 x 6.5 cm
WeightAbout 500g

Stella Masturbation Cup 10 Licking & Vibration


1. Does this product require batteries or charging?

Yes, this product has a built-in rechargeable battery. Please charge it before use. The charging port is at the bottom of the product.

2. Any tips for cleaning and maintenance?

Clean with warm water and a small amount of soap or specialty cleaner. Avoid scrubbing the lining forcefully. Keep the surface dry after cleaning.

3. Can it be used with a partner?

Yes, this product can be used solo or with a partner to experience various stimulation modes.