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Connecting seamlessly to dedicated app via Bluetooth. you can gain real-time control over the device using your smartphone. Through the app. you can adjust the telescopic and vibrating modes. as well as explore different play methods according to your preferences.

Overcoming the constraints of distance. the TUTU provides a “remote control” feature. enabling a partner from afar to take control. This feature facilitates intimate interactions between distant partners. allowing them to control the device and engage in shared experiences. regardless of their physical separation.

Worries about cleaning are a thing of the past with the TUTU. as it boasts an IPX7 waterproof rating. The device can be easily soaked and cleaned. ensuring convenience and hygiene.

With its 7-frequency expansion capability. the TUTU delivers up to 1000+ expansions and contractions per minute. Ranging from a gentle first gear with 400+ expansions and contractions per minute to an intense seventh gear with 1000+ expansions and contractions per minute. the device caters to a variety of pleasure preferences without interruptions.

Choose from a selection of 10 vibration patterns. each capable of up to 10.000 vibrations per minute. This variety allows you to explore 70 different pleasure combinations. ensuring an experience tailored to your desires.

The TUTU goes the extra mile to simulate a lifelike experience. Upon activation. the device’s inlet portion starts to heat up automatically. reaching around 40°C in just 3 minutes. The body features a 5° liquid silicone wrap. with a thickened. drill-shaped silicone tip for enhanced sensation. Its thoughtful design includes a dustproof cover for discreet storage and travel. ensuring both cleanliness and convenience.

Moreover. the device includes a cushion to prevent any discomfort during use. addressing any concerns of discomfort or pain often associated with intense devices. The Kistoy TUTU offers an innovative and indulgent way to experience pleasure. bringing a new level of satisfaction to your intimate moments.

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